Access Data
From Your Tablet

See your OLAP data on a mobile device such as an Apple iPad

Easy to Use

Viewing your OLAP data has never been so intuitive

Bar Charts, Maps & More

Bar charts, maps, cross tabs all at your finger tips


Use prebuilt management summaries, select dimensions and drill.


Secure connections over SSL.
User management in Oracle Database.

November 2013

Release at the DOAG 2013 - Conference + Exhibition Nov 19th - 21st Nuremberg


  • Mobile OLAP App: iPad with iOS 6 or higher
    (iPhone and Android coming soon)
  • Mobile OLAP Server: Java Runtime 1.6
    (e.g. on Linux, Windows or OS X)
  • Oracle Database with OLAP Option

About Oracle OLAP

The Oracle Database OLAP Option implements On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) within an Oracle database environment.

OLAP allows real time analysis of your data, e.g. sales, budget comparison, etc..